The Force of Nature Collection

The Force of Nature Collection invokes the power and intensity of the Northern California Coastline, it is a stunning collection that combines top quality photography and fine art. The series was created to showcase extreme moments in nature with custom art and is produced using the finest materials in limited edition numbers. “Art should in its simplest form elicit curiosity and a thoughtful discussion with one’s self or a group of viewers. The subject matter and beauty should draw a viewer into the composition and awaken the imagination”. The Artist’s signature confirms that the finest materials have been used in every one of a kind, hand-produced Masterwork on Canvas edition. A Masterwork consists of hand-painted mixed media, using special mixtures of paint often with enhancements such as fine metals and organic compounds to increase brightness and intensify color. The artist applies multiple coats to the canvas to create fine texture, depth and brush strokes. The result of this technique intensifies light and creates a sense of movement throughout the art.

Limited edition art

Original fine-art and certified Giclée on canvass, signed & numbered by the artist.  

Travel & Action Photography

Travel and action photography from countless locations around the world, from the continent of Africa to villages high in the Himalayas. Capturing the beauty of the people, landscapes, and cultures has always been a passion, and has led Tony to becoming a widely publicized photographer.

*animals are never photographed in captivity.    

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